ABC Certification

Are you interested in certification from the American Board of Criminalistics? It can be a challenge to prepare on your own. You’ll have to read numerous textbooks, book chapters and other sources – or do you? At Forensic Test Preparation, LLC we have prepared a short-list of critical materials that will provide the information you need to know while minimizing overlapping materials that will slow you down. Our approach works. Our students have achieved passing rates of more than 75%.

The difference is guided, paced preparation. We provide specific reading assignments from a limited number of sources. And we provide short review quizzes to ensure you’ve mastered the materials.

When you join our program, you will receive a week-by-week reading list and you will have immediate access to accompanying on-line quizzes. The multiple choice quizzes can be taken as often as you wish until you are sure you have mastered the topics. At the same time you will be honing your test taking skills and becoming comfortable with the format the ABC uses.

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