The Benefits of Certification

Why become certified? 

Since you're visiting, you already have a good idea of the benefits.  Here's our view.  Certification provides benefits on three levels.

  • Certification benefits you.
    • It demonstrates your mastery of core concepts in general forensics and in your specialty area.
    • It will be a source of pride and a permanent credential that your colleagues, your employer and the courts will recognize.
  • Certification benefits your organization.
    • Like accreditation, analyst certification is optional.  Crime laboratories take pride in their accreditation.  Most crime labs do not require analyst certification, but labs take pride in the scientists who accept the challenge of certification. 
    • The recent report from the National Research Council of the National Academies calls for mandatory certification.  Analysts who choose certification now assist their organizations by putting them ahead of the curve.
  • Certification benefits the profession.
    • Professional certification is supported by all forensic science organizations including ASCLD, ASCLD/LAB, IAI, AFTE, and the regional forensic science societies. 
    • Since it is optional, many forensic scientists are not yet certified.
    • Make the choice to strengthen your profession - choose certification.