A Summary of the Certification Process

ABC Certification Information

The American Board of Criminalistics offers three levels of certification: diplomate, fellow, and affiliate. 

Diplomates are those who meet the educational, professional experience, and training requirements of the ABC but who are not currently qualified by proficiency testing.

Fellows are those who meet all the requirements for diplomates and are currently qualified by proficiency testing.

Affiliates are typically students or newly employed forensic scientists who do not yet have the professional experience and training of a diplomate or fellow.  Affiliates can apply for certification as a diplomate or fellow once they gain the experience.

If you meet the ABC educational requirements, you are eligible to take a certification exam.  We are here to help you prepare. 

For more information on eligibility, visit www.criminalistics.com/eligibility.cfm.

How do I begin?

We recommend four to six months of preparatory study - but you may decide to spend more or less time preparing.  Review the list of upcoming exams at www.criminalistics.com/offerings.cfm.  Select a convenient date and location from the list or contact ABC to discuss the requirements for adding an examination at your location.   

Once you have a test date in mind, we will tailor a reading schedule to suit your plans.   

Registering for the exam

To apply for certification, visit www.criminalistics.com/app_process.cfm and follow the instruction under “Application Process.”  There is a $50 non-refundable application fee and a $200 exam sitting fee.  The sitting fee is transferable.