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California Crime Laboratory Review Task Force calls for mandatory certification of analysts

November 2009  The California Crime Laboratory Review Task Force released a far reaching report entitled An Examination of Forensic Science in California.  Here's what they had to say about personal certification of forensic scientists:

"Professional certification is a designation earned by a person to assure that he or she has the minimum qualifications necessary to perform a job or task. Currently, the certification of forensic scientists is available to qualified forensic practitioners but is not required by California or federal law.  All persons who practice in a forensic science discipline or testify as a forensic science analyst/examiner should become certified by a reputable certifying body."

Following the lead of the February 2009 report from the National Academy Sciences, this new report echos the call for mandatory certification of analysts and points to the ABC as the source for certification in the instrumental disciplines such as Drug Identification and DNA.

M. Powell

I would highly recommend to any Criminalist or Forensic Scientist who is considering certification from the ABC.

T. Soffer

After having participated in this program, studying according to their timeline, reading plan and quizzes, passing the ABC exam is possible and extremely rewarding.

Professor Jay Siegel, Purdue University

Forensic Test Preparation, LLC is an excellent resource that should give many forensic scientists the resources they need to be successful in the ABC certification process.

Richard Saferstein, Ph.D.

I'm confident that by being more specific about the information and sources the testee will be responsible for mastering, it will make the exam fairer and more relevant to the academic skills of the forensic science community.

California commission recommends individual certification

February 26, 2009 -  The California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice encourages crime lab directors to use certification as a factor in promotion and salary decisions.  In court, expert witnesses may be confronted about their certification status.

NRC report calls for mandatory certification

February 27, 2009  - National Research Council report recommends, "Laboratory accreditation and individual certification of forensic science professionals should be mandatory."