Our Approach

Calendar Paces Your Essential Reading

Success on the ABC Certification exam will come only with proper preparation. The ABC provides a recommended reading list that contains more than eight textbooks and several other sources. But where should you begin? To save time and focus your efforts effectively, we provide you with a concise, limited list of reading resources to focus your efforts while minimizing overlapping information.

Once you have the books we recommend, we will pace your reading with a detailed reading calendar, guiding you chapter by chapter, week by week. Here’s an example of a portion of the calendar we will prepare for you…

Reading Assignment

ABC Study Guide Section

Week One

Fundamentals of Forensic Science, Houck & Siegel, Chapters 1 - 3


I. History

II. Crime Scene Preservation

VIII. Evidence Handling

Quizzes Ensure Content Mastery

As you progress, you can test your knowledge with multiple choice questions, formatted much like the ABC exam itself. These short quizzes are built into the ABCTestPrep.com site; they are the heart of our program. As you progress through the readings and the quizzes, you will find increasing mastery of the reading topics.

ABCTestPrep.com has hundreds of questions prepared on dozens of topics to assist you. These exercises will:
  • Assess your understanding of the reading material.
  • Gain familiarity with the format of the ABC certification exam.
  • Sharpen your test taking skills.
  • Teach you to think quickly; each quiz is timed to simulate the actual exam.

Here’s a sample…do you know the correct answer?

According to the ABC Rules of Professional Conduct:

A.  Work notes of examinations, results and findings must be made at the time that they are done, and appropriately preserved.

B.  A report of findings and conclusions must be prepared in all cases

C.  A report of findings and conclusions must be prepared in all cases unless you are employed by defense counsel who specifically asks that no report be prepared.

D.  A and B.

E.  The ABC Rules of Professional Conduct do not address work notes.